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For girls from age 4 and up who love music and dance, thrive on creativity and originality,
and are challenged by complete body and physical skill mastery


Rhythmic Gymnastics is the most fascinating Olympic Sport. It combines the dynamics and flexibility of gymnastics with art and grace of ballet and self expression of a modern dance.

It emphasizes on flexibility, agility, physical strength, grace and musicality. There are five pieces of hand held apparatus used in Rhythmic Gymnastics: rope, ball, hoop, ribbon and clubs. It requires high developed hand-eye and foot-eye coordination.

Rhythmic gymnastics routine choreographed to the music links body elements, variable apparatus handlings and dance elements. Whether for recreational performance or for a competition rhythmic gymnastics routine is always a spectacular show.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Intensive Summer Camp 2019

June 17-21, 9 am-1 pm, June 24-28, 9 am – 1:30 pm.


Why Rhythmic Gymnastics?

  • It develops strong physical abilities: flexibility, agility, coordination, strength, sense of balance and grace.
  • Also it improves cognitive abilities, self control and discipline which lead to high motivation and better grades at school. It builds positive self esteem, enhances concentration, and develops self expression and musicality.
  • Besides that it helps to gain lifelong benefits: cooperation, team work, self confidence, creativity and healthy lifestyle.

Rhythmic Gymnastic


Junior Olympic programs


& Conditioning lessons


GA State Championships, 3/11/18 Sandy Springs, GA

Congratulations to Solo team for amazing performance at GA State. Our gymnasts competed in both Individual and Group competitions. Our Team won first place in group Floor routine! Congratulations to our gold and silver medalists in Individual championships!

Sophia won gold medals in Rope and Ball routines, Courtney won gold in Floor and Ball routines, Goldie took gold medal for Ribbon routine, and Natania took gold for Rope routine.

Cynthia brought home two silver medals for Floor and Ball routines. Congratulations to Fatimah and Jaela on their first competitions! Fatimah won silver in Ball routine.

Great job! We are proud of our Team!

Paws for a Cause Invitational Championships, Atlanta GA 2/9-2/11, 2018

Congratulations to all gold, silver and bronze medalists! Thank you for your effort and commitment!

Suncoast Invitational, 1/27/18 Tampa, FL

Our Team kicked off the 2018 competitive season at Suncoast Invitational championships in Tampa, FL. In addition to USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic competitions, our gymnasts successfully competed at USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Xcel championships for the first time.

Region 6 Championships, Dania Beach, FL 4/21-4/23, 2017

We are proud of our Solo Rhythmic Team showing outstanding results!

Natania got 2nd place in All Around Level 5 JR A, Courtney got 2nd place in All Around Level 4 JR A, Sofia scored 3rd in Hoop and 8th in All Around Level 4, Cynthia finished 7th in Floor and 12th in All Around Level 4 championships.

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Irina Yakovleva – Safety Certified Professional member of USA Gymnastics with over 16 years of the coaching experience in Atlanta.

She is an ex-competitive award-winning gymnast, who has dedicated herself to her favorite sport for over nine years. Irina came to the US from Ukraine, where rhythmic gymnastics is a very popular and is considered the most preferred sport for girls. She earned her medals in State and National championships, and also participated in multiple concerts and stage performances. Although Irina graduated with MS in Applied Math and Computer Science from National Technical University of Ukraine, she was drawn to coaching rhythmic gymnastics by fate, desire, and passion for this sport.  Irina is a head coach of Solo Rhythmic USA Gymnastics competitive team. Her students have earned awards at USA Gymnastics State, Regional and National championships. Irina served as the Georgia State Chair Representative for USA Gymnastics Rhythmic program. Besides that, she choreographs for theatrical performances. Irina choreographed dance and gymnastics compositions for theatrical performances “Vesennie potehi”, “Buratino”, “Zimnyaia Skazka” , etc. in Atlanta.