GA State Championships, 3/11/18 Sandy Springs, GA

Congratulations to Solo team for amazing performance at GA State. Our gymnasts competed in both Individual and Group competitions. Our Team won first place in group Floor routine! Congratulations to our gold and silver medalists in Individual championships!

Sophia won gold medals in Rope and Ball routines, Courtney won gold in Floor and Ball routines, Goldie took gold medal for Ribbon routine, and Natania took gold for Rope routine.

Cynthia brought home two silver medals for Floor and Ball routines. Congratulations to Fatimah and Jaela on their first competitions! Fatimah won silver in Ball routine.

Great job! We are proud of our Team!

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Suncoast Invitational, 1/27/18 Tampa, FL

Our Team kicked off the 2018 competitive season at Suncoast Invitational championships in Tampa, FL. In addition to USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic competitions, our gymnasts successfully competed at USA Gymnastics Rhythmic Xcel championships for the first time.

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