2022-2023 School Year Schedule

Classes start on August 1st, 2022

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Beginners (ages 4-8) 4:30-5:30 4:30-5:30 4:30-5:30
Rising Stars/Pre-Team 5:00-7:00 5:00-7:00
Team Level 3-4 & Xcel

Team Level 5-10








2022 Summer Schedule

Summer camps begin July 18.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Beginners 4:30-5:30 4:30-5:30 4:00-5:00
Intermediate  4:30-6:30 6:00-8:00
Team  5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00 5:00-8:00


Payment together with registration form due during the registration period for the upcoming session. If your child will not be registered during this time, a placement in the class is not guaranteed. There is an annual family registration fee of $60 which is non-refundable and not pro-rated. The fee is due each year on your anniversary date. Classes at Jump TNT run from August through May. Tuition is a monthly fee, which is due on the 1st of the month and considered late after the 10th of each month. For regular classes, the late fee is $10 and will be added to your account on the 11th if your balance is not paid by the 10th.

Discounts are offered for families with multiple students and for students in multiple classes.

Sibling Discount – The child with the highest tuition pays regular listed amount and each child of lessor tuition will receive a 15% discount.

Multiple Class Discount – Students enrolled in multiple classes get a 25% discount on each subsequent class of equal or lessor value.

For tuition fees go to http://www.jumptnt.net/classes/rhythmic-gymnastics/ and click the “Rhythmic Gymnastics Classes Schedule” button at the bottom.

Private lessons

are available by request.